Small Saint-Cloud porcelain box with Kakiémon decoration in solid silver, 18th century

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Small box with contoured edges in polychrome Saint-Cloud porcelain, with so-called Kakiémon* decoration of several Asian characters in flowery landscapes, solid silver mount (Paris 1732-1738 relief hallmark), from the 18th century.

This box is in good condition and is of exceptional quality. Hallmarked see photos (Fabulous animal head - Relief hallmark used from 1732 to 1738 by the Paris Control Office).

A note: the frame will be cleaned, micro-scratches and wear of time, see photos.

* The Kakiemon decor:

is a Japanese decorative style composed of stylized flowering branches, animals, hedges, children, etc., found on porcelain. Kakiémon porcelain had a major influence on the new porcelain factories of the 18th century in Europe. The style was adopted in Germany where Meissen copies could be very close to the originals. In Austria, there is Kakiémon made by Du Paquier and by the “Viennese factories”. It is the same, in France, in the porcelain of Chantilly, in Mennecy and in the pottery of Saint-Cloud. Kakiémon influences are also found in Delft earthenware and Chinese export porcelain.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions 5,6 cm x 4,5 cm
  • Height 2,2 cm