Large cut bronze cloisonné enamels white blue Ming Zhengde China XVI

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Rare large decorative bronze cup and cloisonné enamels with rich white-blue decor of many characters in landscapes of pagodas and mountains, with beautiful vegetation (pine umbrellas, bamboo, cherry), signed below Cheng-de for Zhengde *, Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1505-1521), from China early 16th century.

This cup is in good condition and is of exceptional quality. It is placed on a wooden base (posterior). The cut is signed below the Cheng - Te ideograms.

A note: the cup is slightly deformed, some small accidents and lacks on the cloisonné, missing a foot on the base, wear time, look at the photos.

* Zhengde (October 26, 1491-20 April 1521):

from his personal name Zhu Houzhao, is the tenth emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1505-1521). He succeeded his father as the tenth emperor of the Ming Dynasty on June 19, 1505, at the age of fourteen. Completely disinterested in the affairs of the state, he spent his days drinking and satisfying his sexual appetite in brothels, which he built one near the Forbidden City. He died in 1521 at the age of 30, probably pneumonia.

Data sheet

  • Diamètre 22,8 cm
  • Height totale 24 cm / coupe 16,5 cm
  • Socle diamètre 18,3 cm