Large earthenware vase Bordeaux Jules Vieillard apple trees Japan harness nineteenth

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Rare large fine earthenware vase from Bordeaux signed by the manufacturer Jules Vieillard & Cie *, with Japanese decor of branches of apple blossoms wrapped around the vase with green background, base and border with stylized friezes, placed on a tripod harness in carved wood claw feet, from around 1878-1885 XIXth century.

This vase is in good condition and is of exceptional quality.

A similar vase model of the same dimensions (with a bronze mount and placed on a wooden harness) is currently kept at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Bordeaux (see last photo). A preparatory drawing is also kept at the Museum. This model of vase is represented in the Catalog of the Universal Exhibition of Nice (1883-1884).

Data sheet

  • Diamètre vase 40 cm / col 27,5 cm
  • Height totale 116 cm / vase 60 cm