Pre-Columbian sculpture Olmec character Las Bocas Mexico land suite

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Pre-Columbian terracotta sculpture, representing a seated asexual character (Baby Face type), Olmec origin - Las Bocas - Mexico, pre-classical period -1000/-500 BC. From South America.

This sculpture is in good general condition. Traces of polychromy.

Comes from an entire collection of pre-Columbian objects collected by an amateur in the 20th century (we are offering many other objects from this collection for sale).

Note: some slight accidents, and wear of the polychromy, wear and tear, see photos.

* Pre-Columbian:

Refers to the period in American history which begins with the appearance of man in the New World and ends when Native American societies are replaced or transformed by European civilization. (Synonym: pre-Hispanic). The term "pre-Columbian" is used in the study of indigenous civilizations of the Americas, notably Mesoamerica (Olmecs, Toltecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Aztecs and Mayas) and South America (Caral civilization and Andean civilizations: Inca, Moche , Chibchas and Cañaris).
Most pre-Columbian civilizations evolved within a chronology divided into three major periods, themselves subdivided and which defined the styles:
– the preclassic period (around 2000 BC-around 250 AD) includes the early preclassic (around 2000-around 1000 BC), the middle preclassic (around 1000-around 300 BC) and the recent or late preclassic (around 300 BC-around 250 AD); – the Classical period (around 250 AD-950 AD) includes the Early or Lower Classic (around 250-around 600) and the Late or Late Classic (around 600-around 950); – the postclassic period (around 950-1500) includes the early postclassic (around 950-1200) and the recent postclassic from 1200 to 1500.

Data sheet

  • Height 37 cm
  • Width pied 27,5 cm
  • Depth 19 cm