Book book Soul and Dance 1926 Paul Valery

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Book book Soul and Dance 1926 Paul Valery

Series of three books "The Iliad, new Translation dedicated to the King", "Complete Works of Homer," by M.Gin advisor to the Grand Council, in Paris at Servière, bookseller rue Saint-Jean de Beauvais, vintage 1784 late eighteenth century.

This book is in good condition. It includes many engravings of Edward Leon learned in color (see the photos, they are all photographed).

A note: the paper is yellowed and slightly piqued in places, wear use.

* Paul Valery (1871-1945)

Famous writer, poet, philosopher and epistemologist French. Influenced by Mallarmé, Paul Valéry Privilegia always poetic in its research, the mastery of form on the meaning and inspiration. Quest for "pure poetry", his work merges with a reflection on language, vector between the mind and the world around it, instrument of knowledge for consciousness. After the First World War, fame was gradually raised to the rank of Paul Valery "poet of State." He multiplied in the years 1920 and 1930 conferences, official visits and communications of any kind, while the honors showered upon him in 1924, he replaced Anatole France as Chairman of the French PEN Club, and his successor had yet to French Academy where he was elected November 19, 1925. (See website of the French Academy).