Nature lessons histoir Natural Despreaux nineteenth-Cousin

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Nature lessons histoir Natural Despreaux nineteenth-Cousin

4-volume book entitled "The lessons of nature or natural history, physics and chemistry presented to the mind and heart", by Louis Cousin-* Boileau, in Lyon in Rusand bookstore, 1827 nineteenth century.

These books are in good condition. A note: the paper is yellowed and dive, some small tears in places, worn leather binding and cover, see photo.

* Louis Cousin-Boileau (1743-1818), is a French man of letters. Alderman of Dieppe, a member of the Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts of Rouen and corresponding member of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres, he maintained relations with Augustin Barruel, Antoine-Henri de Bérault Bercastel-Jacob -Nicolas Moreau, Gérard Louis-Philippe and Madame Roland. Between 1780 and 1789, he published a History and particulars of Greece, followed in 1801 Lessons of Nature, a work of natural theology Considerations imitated the works of God in the kingdom of nature and of Providence and the theologian German naturalist Christian Christoph Sturm. This latter work, which had several editions, was recast in 1839 by Leon-Michel Desdouits. During the Revolution he lived in retirement, his religious views are far distant from those of the Enlightenment. In the last years of his life he was engaged to collect documents on the port of Dieppe and the channel is planned to build between Dieppe and Paris.