Book planting trees plantations Duhamel du Monceau Paris 1760

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Book planting trees plantations Duhamel du Monceau Paris 1760

Rare book entitled "The sowing and planting of trees and their culture" by M.Duhamel du Monceau * (Royal Academy of Sciences "in Paris in Guerin & Delatour, 1760 eighteenth century.

This book is in good condition, it is in its own juice. It includes a handwritten dedication on the flyleaf and end ("Elder M. Bader [...]"). It has many boards (all pictures taken, see below).

A note: the paper is slightly yellowed and stained in places, a few small creases, wear leather cover, see photo.

* Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau (1700-1782)

Physicist, botanist and agronomist French. Since 1738 member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, which is three times President, it leaves an important work as a science writer in fields as diverse as construction and service vessels, fishing, culture and conservation of wheat , forest management. Appointed Inspector General of the Navy in 1739, he created in 1741 a naval school in 1765 to become the school construction engineers, ancestor of the School of Marine Engineering. Continuing the work of Reaumur, in 1757 he relaunched the Description des Arts et Metiers and opposes Encyclopedists. Real engineer, his taste for real problems, experimentation and extension make it one of the founders of agronomy and forestry modern.