Book New Perfect Marshal horses De Garsault Paris 1755 3rd ed. XVIIIth

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Book entitled "The New Perfect Marshal or the General and Universal Knowledge of the Horse divided into seven treatises", by A. de Garsault*, former Captain in Survival at the Haras du Roi, third edition dedicated to Monseigneur the Count of Maurepas, to Paris chez Prault, dated 1755, from the 18th century.

This book is in good general condition, it is in its own juice. It is accompanied by numerous engravings.
A note: the paper is stained and yellowed, creases and small tears on the pages (on the edge), wear of time on the cover (especially on the edge and on the corners), see photos.

*Garsault (François Alexandre Pierre de):

Captain of the stud farms of France, born in 1673, died in 1778. He left treatises on hippology which were very long in favor of the Nouveau Parfait Maréchal (1741) which was still reprinted in 1843; the Rider's Guide (1769); Treatise on Cars (1756), a curious abridgement of Gayot's work under the title of Facts of Famous and Interesting Causes (1757) which gives many details on the various kinds of torture.

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