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Exceptional and very rare set of five books including three volumes of "Memoirs of evidence to the ecclesiastical and civil history of Britain" by Dom Morice * (dated 1742, 1744 and 1746) and has the arms of Anne of Brittany on the cover and the two volumes of "ecclesiastical and civil history of Britain" (1750 and 1756), antique eighteenth century.

These books are in good condition, they are in their juice. They are complete and have boards of illustrations engravings. Three books (Memoirs) are the arms of Anne of Brittany on the cover. They are also signed by the hand of the owner of Mr. Révélière (family of General Lérivint Empire). They are rated "A Paris Charles Osmont." The other two are rated "A Paris, Delaguette."

A note: wear and scratches on the covers, small tears on the edges (a slice is a bit damaged), wear time binders, some tasks and jaunissures on paper 5 pounds, wear time (see photos).

* Pierre-Hyacinthe Morice Beaubois said Dom Morice

is a Benedictine congregation of Saint-Maur, born October 5, 1693 in Quimper, died October 14, 1750 in Paris. He undertook, at the request of Brittany States to give a new edition of the History of that province, Dom Lobineau, and proclaimed, from 1742 to 1746 three folio volumes of documentary evidence, that Lobineau n had made known by extracts; he added scholarly dissertations on the origin of the Britons, their manners and customs at the time of the coming of the Romans, the origin of barons and fiefs, the States General of Brittany, etc. In 1750 he published the first volume of the ecclesiastical and civil history of Britain, and he was preparing the second when he died of a stroke on October 14, 1750 in the Abbey of the White Friars of Paris , aged 57 years. Dom Taillandier was charged to review and complete the work of his colleague, and it was by him that the last volume appeared in 1756. The History of Britain, Dom Morice, is higher than that of Dom Lobineau by the additions and clarifications herein; but it is estimated especially curious pieces that the author has added new and whose majority were unpublished.

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