Small English Silver Dressing Box Birmingham Samuel Pemberton Nineteenth

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Small box called vinaigrette* in solid English silver, Birmingham hallmarks (passing lion and anchor), goldsmith SP for Samuel Pemberton (1771-1836), chiselled with foliage motifs, vermilion interior, from the early 19th century.

This box is in overall good condition. Hallmarked see photos (date letter illegible).

A note: tiny little shocks, scratches and wear of time, see photos.

* Vinaigrette

is a scent box, taking its name from the aromatic vinegar soaking a small sponge hidden under its grid, in order to revive elegant women subject to vapours. In vogue in the 18th century, this charming object was also in vogue in the 19th century, the corset compressing the waistline more than ever, to the point of cutting one's breath. Always within reach of women from high society, it had to be both discreet and elegant like a piece of jewelry. If its most awaited shape is that of a box or a small bottle, the beautiful accessory bends to all fantasies. It can thus take on the appearance of a basket or a handbag, a fish or a miniature book, when it is not concealed in a cane, a lorgnette, a ring or the lid of an evening purse! (See Gazette Drouot website)

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  • Dimensions 3,1 cm x 2,3 cm
  • Weight 11,66 grammes