Box Bohemia enamelled glass jewelry box crystal Moser edelweiss XIX

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Glass Jewelry Box Enameled Bohemian richly decorated with edelweiss flowers and colorful, gilded bronze mounts, certainly working the crystal Moser *, of XIXth century.

This box is in good condition, it is of outstanding quality. We do not have his key.

A note: slight shine inside the cover (see red arrows), tiny flaw in the glass at the back, bronze will be cleaned, slight defects and scratches on the set, test of time, although looking at the photos .


* Moser have

is a superior luxury glass manufacturer based in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, previously in Karlsbad, Bohemia. The company is renowned for its manufacture of glasses delicate foot, articles of decorative glasses (such as vases, ashtrays, candleholders), luxury gifts glass and various art prints. That's quality that Moser is one of the most decorative glasses collected in the twentieth century. They have been used everywhere, from palaces to local restaurants. From its beginnings in 1857 as a workshop for polishing and engraving, it developed into a glass craftsman in the twentieth century to the present, using lead-free products and was recognized manufacturer of quality top quality products.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions 11,8 cm x 8,5 cm intérieur 9,4 cm x 6,5 cm
  • Height 11 cm