Small bronze sculpture bust President Sadi Carnot Emile Bruchon XIXth

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Small bronze sculpture representing the bust of Sadi Carnot *, signed Bruchon **, vintage late 19th century.

This bust is in good condition. Signed see photos. Marked "VG Déposé" on the back.

A note: some dirt (clogged at the back of the head), wear and micro-scratches from time, see photos.


* Marie François Sadi Carnot, more often called Sadi Carnot, is a French statesman (1837-1894). He was President of the Republic from December 3, 1887 until his death. Engaged in politics from 1871 as a moderate republican, he was deputy for Côte-d'Or, prefect of Seine-Inférieure, Under-Secretary of State then Minister of Public Works and Minister of Finance. He is also vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies and chairman of its Budget committee. At the end of 1887, following the resignation of President Jules Grévy due to the decorations scandal, the National Assembly placed him at the head of the first round of the early presidential election with 36% of the vote, ahead of Jules Ferry, whose candidacy divides Republican parliamentarians. In the second round, after the latter's withdrawal, Sadi Carnot was elected against General Saussier with 74% of the votes. President Carnot is quickly confronted with a strong questioning of republican institutions with the rise of anti-parliamentarianism, the electoral successes of Boulangisme and the anarchist attacks, while ministerial instability continues and the Panama scandal erupts. His mandate is also marked by the centenary of the French Revolution and the Universal Exhibition in Paris. In foreign policy, he favors the signing of the Franco-Russian alliance with Emperor Alexander III. A few months before the end of his presidency, when laws against anarchism were passed and he refused pardon to several figures of this movement (Ravachol, Vaillant, Henry), Sadi Carnot was fatally stabbed by Italian anarchist Sante Geronimo Caserio during an official trip to Lyon at the age of 56. At the end of a national funeral at Notre-Dame de Paris, he is buried in the Panthéon.

** Émile Bruchon (act 1880-1910) is a French decorative artist of the Belle Époque known for his bronze lamps, clocks and statuettes. Through his works, he often chooses to represent historical or mythological characters like that of Flaubert in his 1862 novel, Salammbô.

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  • Height 6,8 cm
  • Width aux épaules 4 cm