Bronze sculpture Barye Panther of Tunis n ° 2 animal sculptor XIXth

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Bronze sculpture with bronze patina representing a panther lying down, Panther model of Tunis n°2 (wrongly called lying lioness), signed Barye *, from the 19th century.

This sculpture is in good condition. Signed on the embankment.

Model listed in the Catalog Raisonné des Bronzes Edités de Barye (page 222). first edition in 857. A copy is presented at the Louvre Museum in the collection of the Department of Sculptures from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and modern times (inventory number OA 5788).

A note: slight wear of time, see photos.

*Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875)

Renowned for his animals in wax or in small bronze, tigers and lions that he sculpted after long observation of the model, he also distinguished himself as a decorator . His romanticism of the 1830s is expressed by the staging of violent fights such as the Tiger and gharial and the hunt for wild bulls. Like the romantic artists of his time, Barye appreciates exoticism and the Middle Ages. He will prefer bronze to marble deemed too cold. The realism of tense muscles and the variations of the coat characterize the romantic sculpture of the time. The king commissioned him, in 1833, for a large group for the Tuileries garden . Barye then produced the Lion with the Serpent , an allegory of the Monarchy crushing sedition, three years after the riots of 1830. Unanimously appreciated, this work inspired the following comment by Alfred de Musset : " The lion in bronze by M. Barye is frightening like nature. What vigor and what truth! This lion roars, this serpent hisses..." Barye's style settles down from 1843. He gives his human figures inspired by Greek models, such as the bronze group of Theseus and the Minotaur, an energy and a movement specific to the romantic vision.

Artist highly rated on ArtPrice.

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  • Dimensions 18,5 cm x 6,5 cm
  • Height 9 cm