Furniture project table Karin Van Leyden mythology Diane Actéon Paul Laszlo

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Rare project of decoration of moobilier (table) (pencil, pastel and chalk) by Karin Van Leyden * representing a mythological scene with Diane and Actéon ***, certainly collaboration of Karin with the designer Paul Laszlo **, vintage years 1940 twentieth century.

This project is in good condition, in its own juice. Signed on one side.

A note: some stains, yellowing, creases and wear of time, look at the pictures.

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*** In Greek mythology, Actéon is a famous hunter. He surprises one day, during a hunt, the goddess Artemis (Diane) taking a bath. Furious, she turns him into a deer. Powerless, Actaeon dies torn by his own dogs (bloodhounds, greyhounds, mastiffs and mastiffs) who do not recognize him and are enraged by the goddess.

** Paul László

or Paul Laszlo in Anglicized form (1900-1993) is an architect, interior designer and furniture designer Hungarian and American. He is considered one of the greatest furniture and interior designers of the twentieth century. László built his reputation by designing interiors of houses, but in the 1960s he turned to interior design of shops and professional furniture.
During the 1940s and 1950s, Laszlo often commissioned Karin Van Leyden to create tables, lighting and even wall panels and frescoes for many of his projects. Always using glass as a medium and often signing his works "Bottega Karin" or a variant of his signature (Van Leyden).

Artist very well side on ArtPrice.

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  • Dimensions env. 100 cm x 60 cm