Naked Women Drawings Study Colarossi 20th

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Very nice drawing or sketch of a student certainly the Académie Colarossi * representing a nude woman seen from behind, vintage 1930 early twentieth century.

We offer for sale on the site a large amount of drawings or sketches of this artist.
Attention, well look at the pictures before you buy.

These drawings in charcoal or pencil, they are of high quality.
These are drawings or sketches as paper support which may be slightly torn, chipped or stained view photos.
These drawings are unsigned but certainly from a student (s) while at the Académie Colarossi in Paris.

* The Académie Colarossi is an art school in Paris, founded by the Italian sculptor Filippo Colarossi. Both private school and open workshop, it was an alternative to very formal École des beaux-arts, become too conservative in the eyes of many artists. As the Académie Julian, Colarossi school accepted students, and allowed them to paint from male models naked. Also famous for its sculpture during model-based institution attracted many foreign students, particularly American, Scandinavian and Canadian. The school closed in 1930.

Approximate dimensions:
24 cm x 32 cm