Byzantine cross russian orthodox crucifix copper Christ angels eighteenth century

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Russian Orthodox crucifix in finely chiseled copper, with in the central part a Byzantine cross with the crucified Christ, around him 5 scenes of the Orthodox liturgical festivals, presented as an icon in a frame whose border is most certainly in silver (posterior), d 18th century period.

This crucifix is in good condition. Inscriptions on the back. No traces of punches on the frame. The crucifix will have to be reattached in the frame.

The orthodox crucifix is characterized by a third arm inclined at the base, symbol of the cross as "scales of justice". In the center is Christ in relief with the four nails of the Byzantine representation. He is depicted in a royal pose with two spears by his side, one of which has the sponge at the top. At his feet, Adam's skull, symbol of humanity which, thanks to his sacrifice, is freed from original sin. The upper part represents the Byzantine cosmos with Christ the Savior at the top and two angels waiting to receive the body and soul of Jesus. Around the cross are represented scenes from the Old and New Testaments and the Mother of God of the Veil, known as Pokrov. On the upper end, decoration in the form of six-winged angels.

A note: some accidents, scratches and dirt on the crucifix, the frame will have to be cleaned, wear of time, take a good look at the photos.

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  • Cadre 26 cm x 37,5 cm
  • Croix 12,5 cm x 26,8 cm