Pendulum Restoration gilt bronze Giraffes Zarafa palmettes Charles X XIX

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Pendulum in the shape of a Medici vase in finely chiseled gilt bronze, handles formed by two giraffes chiseled with palmettes, enameled dial with Roman numerals surmounted by a frieze of vines, base decorated with laurel wreaths and palmettes, made around 1926-1927 date of l arrival of the Zarafa * giraffe offered to Charles X in Paris, from the 19th century Restoration period.

This pendulum is in good condition and is of exceptional quality. The wire movement has been revised, it works perfectly, we have the key and the pendulum.

A note: tiny dirt and small scratches on the bronze, tiny little chips on the enamel of the dial (around 45) and scratches, wear of time, look at the photos.

* Zarafa:

The giraffe offered to Charles X by Méhémet Ali (called a posteriori Zarafa) is the first giraffe to enter France, where she lived for 18 years, from 1827 to 1845, in the menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. This diplomatic gift from Mehemet Ali, viceroy in Ottoman Egypt, to Charles X, king of France, was part of a group of three giraffes sent to sovereigns of Europe (the Austrian emperor, François Ier, le British sovereign, George IV, and the king of France, Charles X). We had not seen a giraffe on the European continent since the Médicis giraffe, offered to Laurent de Médicis in Florence in 1486. She is at the origin of many illustrations and objects with the decoration known as "à la girafe" or "girafomania "(engravings, dishes, tapestries and wallpaper," giraffe "hairstyle, jewelry, etc.)

Data sheet

  • Diamètre cadran 10 cm
  • Height 47,5 cm
  • Width aux anses 19 cm
  • Socle 15 cm x 15 cm