Box coconut eagle crest coat XIX Central American birds

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Great box coconut finely and fully carved decorated with a coat of arms depicting an eagle with spread wings on one side, the other the arms of a Central American country (perhaps Nicaragua or El Salvador) as well as many birds, flowers and foliage, presented on a pedestal, marine work or convict * XIXth century.

This coconut is in good condition.

A note: may lack both eyes sulfide, some scratches and wear time, see photos.

We offer for sale a second coconut like on this site.


* The coconut as tagua was worked by sailors or also by convicts. The latter worked to pass the time but mainly to make some money to improve their lives. Can also be attributed to sailors during their long journeys. These objects coconut or tagua are fine examples of folk art.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions 10 cm x 8 cm
  • Height 13 cm
  • Socle 11 cm