Oushebti Egyptian funerary statuette Egypt terracotta collection

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Small Egyptian funerary statuette called Oushebti *, enamelled terracotta. Provenance private collection.

This Oushebti is in good condition, it is in its own juice. He is authentic.

A note: small breakage on the side of the foot, dirt, stains and wear of time, see photos.

We put a 2nd oushebti of this collection for sale on this site.

* The funeral servants

(shaouabtis, oushebtis in Egyptian, "corvables", "respondents", "funeral figurines" ...) are small statuettes depicting a character, standing, usually swaddled in strips (mummiform), sometimes dressed, whose crossed arms grab various instruments or attributes. A text, written on the servant, gives the name and titles of its owner, supplemented by chapter 6 of the Book of the Dead which specifies the function of the figurine: to perform in the other world, instead of the dead, the works agricultural requirements. The first examples appear in the Middle Kingdom (around 1991-1786 BC, 12th Dynasty). In the New Kingdom (18th Dynasty, around 1555-1305 BC), it is still mummiform, holds instruments and amulets.All the materials were used: the wood, the "Egyptian earthenware" with the variable colors according to the time, the terracotta and even bronze.

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  • Height 8 cm