Lamp Berger crystal cut Saint-Louis color blue point metal twentieth

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Berger * lamp in cut crystal from Saint-Louis, model referenced "G Saint-Louis" produced between 1927 and 1940 (with descending blue tip), metal frame, from the 20th century.

This lamp is in good condition. Trace of label of the Saint-Louis crystal factory below.

A note: the system works but will probably be cleaned, some micro-scratches and dirt from time, see photos.

* The Berger lamp

was developed by Maurice Berger (1866-1930), a pharmacy preparer, who registered a patent on June 16, 1898. Its marketing began around 1902 in some Parisian pharmacies before Maurice Berger opened his shop in 1910 in 18 rue Duphot in Paris. The Berger lamp consists of a bottle into which a mixture of water and isopropanol, perfumed or not, is poured. A wick dipped in this alcohol which rises by capillary action to a catalyst consisting of platinum black and ceramic which, brought to about 500 ° C, will produce aldehydes. These aldehydes diffused in the atmosphere purify the ambient air by neutralizing bad odors and by perfuming the environment. Appreciated by Colette, Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso, the Berger lamp, originally a utility object, then an interior decoration object, has become a collector's item.

Data sheet

  • Diamètre 8 cm
  • Height 17,5 cm