Flûte traversière piccolo métal argenté Couesnon &Cie Expo Universelle 1900

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Transverse flute called "Piccolo" in silver metal, signed by the famous Maison Couesnon* & Cie "Exposition Universelle 1900 Hors Concours Jury Member Couesnon & Cie Paris", in its case, vintage early 20th century.

This flute is in good general condition. Its case is a little damaged (broken hinges).

Note: some small shocks and wear over time on the flute, wear on the case, see photos.

* Couesnon House:

In 1827, Auguste Guichard founded a musical instrument manufacturing workshop, which successively took the names Gautrot then Couesnon throughout the 19th century and changes in director. It was the first instrument producer to use steam engines. In 1883, Amédée Couesnon acquired the Gautrot house, and at the same time became the owner of the famous Triébert house, recognized for the quality of its oboes. Under the leadership of Amédée Couesnon at the beginning of the 20th century, the company employed more than 1000 people in 6 different specialized factories. There is also an industrial violin maker in Mirecourt, a reed instrument factory in Garennes and saxophones in Mantes. Couesnon won prestigious prizes at universal exhibitions for several consecutive years and was classified out of competition at the 1900 universal exhibition in Paris. It suffered a drop in its exports to the United States during the crisis of 1929. The Parisian factory was sold in 1936 to the Union Fraternelle des Métallurgistes and then became the Maison des Métallos. In 1957, Couesnon bought the French brass manufacturer Fontaine-Besson, which had already gone bankrupt in 1950.

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  • Longueur 30 cm