Japanese Katana saber signed Fujiwara Enkyo Nobukiyo Muromachi period XVIth

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Katana saber with shinogi zukuri blade, nakago with a mekugi ana, signed Fujiwara Enkyo (literally "Enkyo Saku") for the blacksmith 1st generation *, iron tsuba chiseled with flowers, fuchi-kashira with golden highlights, tsuka in stingray menuki in shakudo in the form of bouquets of flowers. Lacquered wooden scabbard. Late Period Muromachi Japan (1336-1573) 16th century.

This sword is in good condition, in its juice, as in the photos. Signature of the 1st generation blacksmith Nobukiyo. He belonged to the Tegai school (Yamato tradition of blacksmithing). Known as a son of Sue-Tegai Nobukiyo. Then there are 6 generations of Nobukiyo.

A note: some snags on the edge of the lamp a little bit pitted in places, the wooden sheath is damaged, wear of time, look at the photos.

Data sheet

  • Width Moto-haba (largeur à la base) 3 cm Saki-haba (largeur à la pointe) 2 cm
  • Longueur totale 96,5 cm / lame (Nagasa) 66 cm