Netsuke carved wood character man Meiji Japan XIX

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* Netsuke wood (boxwood) representing a carved figure holding a calabash or a basket in his hands, from Japan, the Meiji era (1868-1912) late nineteenth century.

This netsuke is in good condition. It is not signed. There is a small cylindrical piece inside the gourd.

A note: old fracture on the toes, slight wear of time, see photos.

* The Netsuke:

The Netsuke is a traditional Japanese dress object used to maintain sagemono (literally "hanging objects") .In fact, the kimono with no pocket, different everyday objects are transported in kinds of small boxes called sagemono. These objects are suspended from the obi of their owner by a cord.

Data sheet

  • Height 4,8 cm
  • Width 2,2 cm