Chinese calligraphy ink calligraphy Chinese dragons gilding Chinese signs

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Bronze or inked calligraphy ink, decorated with two beaus dragons and Chinese signs in gilding, as well as Chinese signs on the other side, in its original box, from the 20th century.

This item is in good condition. It is still packed, in its original box (labeled).

Please note: slight wear and tear on the box, see pictures.

* Calligraphy is, etymologically, the art of well-forming writing characters. Chinese calligraphy is the foundation of Chinese art in the modern sense, the visual beauty of ideograms, the technique on which it is based and the plastic stakes associated with it embody all the metaphysical precepts of Chinese culture . It has become a major art. Far Eastern calligraphy has as its tools the "four treasures of the scholar": the Chinese calligraphy brush, the traditional Chinese paper, the ink stick, the ink-grinding stone.

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  • Dimensions 12,3 cm x 3,4 cm / boîte 14 cm x 4,7 cm