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Set of 4 photographs (silver print) of Jean Besancenot * representing women and children of Africa (including Morocco) in costumes and traditional adornments, vintage twentieth century.

These photographs are in good condition. They are put under glass (posterior). A photo is signed.

A note: slight yellowing and slight wear of time, see photos.

* Jean BESANCENOT (1902-1992):

Jean Girard, known as Besancenot, was born in 1902 in the Oise. It was in 1934 that he arrived in Morocco for the first time with the desire to carry out a documentation on the costume and adornment. His approach is that of an artist, draftsman and painter, in the service of ethnography, an approach he had already experimented with by conducting a study on certain regional costumes in Europe. The visual documentation, as complete as possible, it will come as a support and complement to realize his drawings in gouache. On the field, in addition to written notes, he executes quick sketches or more detailed drawings when he has the time and completes this information with a large number of photographs, often capturing the image on the fly, on the fly . At the end of his life, after a sorting among his numerous photographic documents, for which he ranks according to populations and geographical areas, and aware of the exceptional interest of his works, he wished that this collection be preserved. in a place where it would be exploited, diffused and put in value at best, and thought about the IMA, then in creation. It was in 1984 that the IMA acquired the entire collection of 1800 documents.
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  • Dimensions photo vieille femme : 24 cm x 27,5 cm enfant : 23,5 cm x 28,7 cm 3 enfants : 23 cm x 25,5 cm femme : 29,5 cm x 38 cm