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Set of 29 plaster medallions depicting the profiles of different kings or emperors of France, since the time of the Franks, Capetians and Bourbons (probably portraits of Pharamond, Chilperic, Hugues Capet ... etc; down Louis XVI and Mary -Antoinette), in a golden oval frame, from the family of Orleans, XIXth century.

These medallions are in good condition. They are stuck on the painted background.

A note: some accidents, lacks, restorations and redorure on the frame, slight accidents and micro-splinters on some medallions, wear of time, see photos.

* The portrait of the king carved in a medallion made its appearance at the beginning of the 16th century in France, at the time of the craze for this ornament of architecture "the antique" from Italy. From Francis I to Louis XIV, this motive taken from the medal was used to glorify the image of the sovereign, in the same way that the emperors were celebrated in antiquity. The use of this type of royal portrait followed the craze for the medallion heads in France, very recurrent in the buildings of the first half of the sixteenth century and in the funerary monuments of the eighteenth century.

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  • Cadre 63 cm x 71,5 cm
  • Dimensions médaillon Louis XVI 4,3 cm x 5,3 cm