Sculpture low-relief profile young woman elegant L.Kley plaster earth XIXth century

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Bas-relief in plaster representing the profile of an elegant young woman of the Belle Epoque, signed L.Kley * and dated 1895, accompanied by the same bas-relief made in terracotta (also by Kley), late 19th century.

This sculpture is in good general condition, it is in its juice and will be to clean (that in earth is in good condition). The two bas-reliefs are signed.

Remember: some slight shortages in the shoulder, dirt, scratches and wear and tear, see photos.

* Louis Kley (1833-1911):

Sculptor (Ec fr). Pupil of Lequien father. He started at the Salon in 1853. Obtained the second medal in the Barbedienne competition; Silver medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1889 and other awards in Paris and Auxerre. The Museum of Auxerre preserves several works of it. (Extrait Bénézit)

Artist very good side on ArtPrice.

Data sheet

  • Cadre 32 cm x 33,5 cm
  • Diamètre plâtre 20 cm
  • Height terre 12 cm