HSP religious painting Sainte Marie-Madeleine penitent desert XVIIth century

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Oil on panel representing Saint Mary Magdalene * penitent, in the desert, arms outstretched and looking towards cherubs (carrying the cross of Christ) appearing to her, with some attributes of her penance placed in front of her: skull, whip and sacred book, label marked "Culembourg de Poelemburg" on the back, in a gilt frame, from the 17th century.

This painting is in good general condition. The frame is posterior.

A note: the varnish is yellowed by time (the painting will need to be cleaned), wear of time on the frame, see photos.

* Mary Magdalene:

Marie de Magdala, Marie Madeleine or Madeleine, called Marie la Magdalene in the Gospels is a disciple of Jesus who follows him until his last days. The four Gospels designate her as the first witness of the Resurrection, who is responsible for preventing the apostles. Tradition and Christian iconography are based on these canonical and apocryphal texts to give several faces of Mary of Magdala, first the spiritual spouse of Christ and the apostle of Revelation then from the 4th century the denied sinner. and flouted but repented, the Middle Ages seizing many legends to create a saint. In sacred art, Mary Magdalene is very often depicted naked, with long, loose hair, to signify her repentance and penance. One of the iconography of Mary Magdalene represents her as a hermit in the desert, after the death of Christ; attractive woman, not devoid of sensuality, long flowing hair covering her nudity, she prays or meditates, with her usual attributes of repentance, skull, cross, biblical book...

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  • Cadre 58 cm x 52,2 cm
  • Panneau 43,5 cm x 37,2 cm