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Beautiful oil painting the portrait of the famous writer and Enlightenment philosopher Denis Diderot * era of the nineteenth century.

This oil is in good condition and its wooden frame. It is not signed.

A note: slight wear and dirt known time, small traces of restorations back, see photos.

* Denis Diderot (1713-1784)

is a writer, philosopher and French encyclopedic. Diderot is known for his erudition, his critical spirit and a genius. He left his mark in the history of all genres to which it is tried: he laid the foundations of bourgeois drama theater, revolutionizing the novel with Jacques the Fatalist, invented criticism through its rooms and oversees the drafting One of the most important works of his century, the famous Encyclopedia. In philosophy also, Diderot stands offering more material reasoning independent of the reader rather than a complete, closed and rigid.

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  • Cadre 82,5 cm x 98,5 cm
  • Huile 65 cm x 81 cm