Rare HST portrait painting St. Cecilia Music Organ cherub 18th crown

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Superb and rare oil on canvas depicting St. Cecilia playing the organ, wearing a beautiful radiant crown and surrounded by two small cherubs including one giving him a wreath, vintage early eighteenth century.

This table is in good condition and its gilded frame. The frame is later (XIX), it is mounted keys. The table was certainly réentoilé the nineteenth century.

A note: the frame will be restored (some accidents), wear time and dirt on the canvas, it will be cleaned, see photos.

* Cecilia in Rome

Christian saint. She had lived in Rome in the early days of Christianity. His legend actually a virgin, strength bride continued to respect her vow of virginity. She lived in Sicily, according Venantius Fortunatus, and died for the Faith in Rome at an uncertain time. She was eventually sentenced to martyrdom, having converted many people, including her husband. A passage from the legend says that going to martyrdom she heard heavenly music. This story will make the patron saint of musicians, instrument makers and other musical instruments manufacturers. It is represented with a crown of flowers, a lily plant, a musical instrument and a sword. This is one of the martyrs of the early church's most revered mentioned in the Canon of the Mass since 496.

Iconography: the attribute is a musical instrument, usually a portable organ, which appears in the fifteenth. Often a musician angel sitting at his feet. Holy wears the crown of lilies of his passion; (From the ledger Saints J.Baudoin).

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  • Cadre 71,5 cm x 89 cm
  • Huile 58,5 cm x 75 cm