cloisonné pin on porcelain vase Chubei totaI Meiji Japan Shippo nineteenth

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Vase roll Chubei * cloisonne on porcelain "totaI Shippo" richly decorated with a bird among colorful flowers, flowers in medallions and stylized plant motifs, from Japan, from Meiji era (1868-1912) end nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This vase is in good condition and is of high quality and fine design. The base with strapping must be reported.

A note: some small accidents and micro-chips on cloisonne, dirt, wear and scratches time, see photos.

* Chubei:

At the beginning of the Meiji era, the Japanese government wants to promote the art and craft of the country for export. New techniques were tested. In particular, a craftsman Nagoya Takeuchi Chubei, devised a set cloisonné technique on porcelain 1870 called totaI Shippo. Despite their success, they were not produced very long because very fragile and expensive to make.

Data sheet

  • Diamètre col 10,8 cm / cul 12 cm
  • Height 25,3 cm