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Fine round earthenware dish from the Manufacture Bordeaux Vieillard *, model of Eugène Millet called "Aux Grands Oiseaux", a Japanese decoration representing a turkey in the middle of lush vegetation, signed below, vintage late nineteenth century.

This dish is in good condition. It is signed below a seal with Japanese inscription and a cartridge on the dish.

A note: some slight enamelling defects (especially on the wing), tiny micro-égrenures on the edge ,, slight wear of time, see photos.

We are selling a second similar dish on this site.


* Bordeaux Old man:

Adopting for its earthenware the English process, the Bordeaux ceramic takes in the nineteenth century a new boom. As production becomes industrial, it opens up to a wider audience without loss of quality. David Johnston, having founded a pottery on the quai du Bataclan, associated in 1840 with Jules Vieillard (1813-1868), a Parisian trader. Succeeding him six years later, the latter skilfully uses techniques specific to fine earthenware. Multiplying the decorations, Vieillard creates an elegant ceramic answering the taste of a bourgeois clientele. On his death in 1868, his two sons, Albert and Charles Vieillard, took over the factory, which then employed one thousand three hundred workers. At the beginning of the Third Republic, the pottery Bordeaux ranks third in the importance of ceramics, behind the manufactures of Sarreguemines and Creil-Montereau. In addition to a good distribution network in Paris, it also benefits from the export market, carried by ships loaded with great wines leaving the port of Bordeaux. Faience Vieillard, crowned several times at the world exhibitions, are distinguished by the delicacy of their execution and by the variety of their decorative motifs. Eugène Millet, its creator, refers to the prints of Hokusaï. Unlike the Bracquemond service for Creil-Montereau, he draws here birds flying over the entire surface of faience. Sharpening the appetite of museums, amateurs and international trade, it goes to liven up the home of a Parisian buyer. (See website of the Drouot Gazette, A. Coureau SVV).

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  • Diamètre 34 cm