Quimper Porquier-Beau earthenware bouquetiere applique cornet XIXth century coat of arms

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Vase called "cornet d'applique" or corner bouquetière in Quimper faience signed PB for Porquier-Beau, with white-blue decoration of rich foliage decoration surrounding coats of arms with a double crowned coat of arms and framed by two standing dogs, of late 19th century period.

This bouquetière is in good general condition. Signed on the back.

A note: small crack at the hanging hole (see red arrow), some slight defects and wear of time, see photos.

* Porquier-Beau

In 1875, the painter Alfred Beau joined the Porquier faience factory. Alfred Beau is the first artist to breathe creative life into Quimper earthenware. During his collaboration with Porquier, from 1873 to 1903, he created sumptuous decorations: the so-called yellow-bordered botanical series (approximately 122 different models identified), Breton scenes (approximately 225 models) and legendary scenes (7 models) as well as views of Breton landscapes (about 20 models).

Data sheet

  • Height 42,5 cm
  • Width max. 21 cm