Engraving watercolor Queen Scythe Thomiris Persian King 19th

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Engraving watercolor Queen Scythe Thomiris Persian King 19th

Great watercolor print representing the Queen of the Scythians Thomiris plunging the head of the Persian king Cyrus deposed in a basin filled with human blood, to avenge his son, * from table Paul Rubens (between 1620 and 1625), period eighteenth century.

This engraving is in its own juices and underwent some uses of time. It has no glass.

It is marked underneath "Satia you quem Semper Sitisti blood", "Queen of the Scythians Thomiris having defeated the great Persian King Cyrus the first beheaded him and plunging into a vessel of human blood and blood says soulle toy which you did could satiate being alive (Herodotus) ". Left: "Rubens P.Paulus Pinxit"; right "Ragot fecit J.Chereau In Paris at the Grand St Jacques St. Remy with Priceit du Roy".

A note: some tasks and yellowing of the paper, some missing paper and tear especially at the top, the paper is curled in places, traces of an ancient fold (or tear) in the middle which was glued (tiny décallage) well look at the pictures.

* According to Herodotus, the Persian king Cyrus II Tomyris ask in marriage, queen of Massagetae, and invade his country following his refusal. It will be his eldest son prisoner, Spargapises, who committed suicide. He found death during the violent struggle between Persians and Massagetae to follow. Tomyris will retaliate by flooding the head of Cyrus in the blood.

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  • 103 cm x 72 cm
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