Engraving woman naked portrait engraver Charles Chaplin Champollion nineteenth

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Engraving of the portrait of a young woman naked and languid, signed Ch.Chaplin * and engraved by Champollion **, XIXth century.

This engraving is in good condition.

A note: tiny wear on the perimeter, see photos.

* Charles Chaplin (1825-1891)

is a French painter and engraver, attached to the academic stream, he specialized in the representation of women, and genre scenes. Arthur Chaplin painter is his son. Charles Chaplin was a pupil of Michel martin drolling at the School of Fine Arts of Paris in 1845. His style, which is inspired by the rococo painting is often compared to that of François Boucher. It is appreciated by the Empress Eugenie, who commissioned several paintings and charging hemicycle decorate the salon at the Elysée Palace, the Opera Garnier and the Tuileries Palace. Artist "official" of the Second Empire, he began his career by naturalism and then turn to the society portrait. Chaplin also produced landscapes, mainly of Auvergne and Lozère, until 1851 when he devoted himself to portrait. He acquired an intimate painter reputation of women. It opens at Paris one of the first artistic workshops for women in 1866. He sends his works at the Salon between 1845 and 1868. His paintings are in museums of Bordeaux, Bayonne, Bourges, Mulhouse, Paris, Reims, Rouen Baltimore.

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** Eugene Andre Champollion (1848 -1901)

is a French writer and illustrator. Formed by Gaucherel and Edmond Hedouin Champollion master the art of etching as well as most of engraving techniques. He contributed to the magazine Paris with etchings between 1873 and 1876 and the Gazette des Beaux-Arts. He exhibited several times in the Salon of French artists and the Universal Exhibitions of 1889 and 1900, especially the practice of interpretation and severe burning among others the work of Georges Rochegrosse. It illustrates bibliophile books for Edward Dentu, A. Ferroud, Damase Jouaust, etc.

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  • Dimensions 23,8 cm x 31 cm gravure 14,7 cm x 20,4 cm