Reliquary double paperolle Saints Agnus dei Relics Modest reliquary 19th

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Reliquary double or paperolle dedicated to several Saints: Saint Bon, St Modeste, Agnus Dei, Holy Relics, Pate. C. Sort, with two small miniature statuettes representing the Virgin and Child in the center, XIXth century.

This reliquary is in good condition. It consists of two parts.

A note: a glass is broken, some small pieces of decorations are taken off and move inside, wear of time, see photos.

Paperolle *:

Artisanal technique of wrapping narrow strips of paper to create various forms and ornamental patterns. The paperolle is a very old technique used in the Middle Ages, in poor churches, to imitate gold or silver filigree decorations. The achievements were often reliquaries called reliquary paperolles. Paperolle is a term derived from paper. It designates not only the technique, but also the realization in paper. The term rolled papers is sometimes used as a synonym.

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  • Dimensions 5 cm x 6 cm