Quilling Reliquary gilding Saints Francis Sales Alacoque Donatien nineteenth

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Quilling * reliquary shaped golden altar adorned with rhinestones and dedicated to many saints: St Celestine, St. Mary Alacoque, St. Francis de Sales, St. Victoire, St. Therese, St. Bénigne, Ste Mag Pazzi, St Donatien St Bernard, St Valerian, St Charles B, Ste Luce, St Amable, Flocelle St, St Révérien, Ste Chantal, Stes Relics and Ste Germaine, XIXth century.

Quilling this is in its own juice and suffered the ravages of time.

A note: it has lost its protective glass, accidents and wear: pieces are detached and go (saints labels and decorative elements), we have other decorative elements (not d original but can be used to restore if necessary), well look at photos.

* Quilling:

craft technique of winding narrow strips of paper to create shapes and various ornamental motifs. The Quilling is an ancient technique that was used in the Middle Ages in poor churches to imitate the decorations filigree gold or silver. The achievements were often called reliquary paperole reliquaries. Quilling is a term derived from paper. It includes not only technical, but also the realization of paper. The name rolled paper is sometimes used synonymously.

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  • Dimensions 18,5 cm x 25 cm / épaisseur 4,5 cm