Cutlery set 136PC Swedish solid silver Sweden KG Markstrom cutlery 1905 XXth

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Cutlery set in Swedish solid silver, hallmark date letter C7) and goldsmith KG Makström, including 12 table cutlery (12 forks/spoons/knives), 12 dessert cutlery (idem), 12 dessert cutlery (13 knives/12 forks/11 spoons), 12 cheese knives and 6 steamer spoons (vermeil), engraved with a monogram on the handle, from the early 20th century.

This cutlery set is in good condition and is of high quality. All elements are hallmarked see photos.

The forks and spoons are in solid silver, net weight = 3220 grams. The 13 dessert knives are in filled silver (handle) and solid silver blades (stamped) = gross weight 461 grams. The table, dessert and cheese knives are in filled silver (handle) and steel blades signed "Jernbolaget Eskilstuna" = gross weight 1807 grams.

A note: some tiny shocks and scratches of time, wear of time look at the photos.

Data sheet

  • Longueur table fourch. 21,2 cm / cuil 22,5 cm / couteaux 24,5 cm entremets : Fourch 18,2 cm / cuil 18,7 cm / couteaux 21,5 cm dessert : fourch 15,5 cm / cuil 15 cm / couteaux 17,5 cm fromage : 19 cm cuil café 12,2 cm
  • Weight net 3220 grammes couteaux avec lames acier PB 1807 gr couteaux avec lames argent PB 461 gr