Great cut silver hammered copperware House Cardeilhac twentieth

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Superb large silver hammered cut, decorated with a mmonogramme (CI or CJ), signed by the famous Maison Cardeilhac * vintage 1900 early twentieth century.

This cup is in good condition. It is signed and stamped in the ass.

A report: normal wear on the bottom, scratches and wear time, see photos

* House Cardeilhac (Paris 1804-1951)

Established in 1804 by Antoine-Vital Cardeilhac and specialized in cutlery and flatware, the house is directed from 1851 to 1904 by his son Edward Armand Cardeilhac. From 1885, his son, Ernest Cardeilhac (1851-1904) after learning the goldsmith Harleux took over the management. With it begins the realization of goldwork in gold and silver. It organizes its workshops to the manufacturing and bought out the house Lebon. Assisted by three artists: Lucien Bonvallet designer, sculptor and engraver Aiguier Viat, he presents his first work in 1889 at the Universal Exhibition and received a silver medal. At the Universal Exhibition of 1900, it was a great success with pieces executed after designs by Lucien Bonvallet where ornamentation inspired vegetable and sober is hosted by the association of metal materials such as wood , ivory and patinas. In 1904, his two son, Jacques and Pierre, succeeded him. The company was taken over by Christofle in 1951.

* Ernest Cardeilhac Goldsmith (1890 -): EC punch with a crescent moon and a legion of honor crowned.

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  • Diamètre 46 cm
  • Height 13,2 cm