Decorative dish Claudius Linossier brassware copper silver 40cm Art Deco twentieth

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Large decorative round dish (40cm) signed Claudius Linossier * in brassware ** of hammered copper and silver inlays, decorated with a stylized sun with diamonds, from the 20th century Art Deco period.

This dish is in good condition and is of high quality. Signed see photos.

A note: some traces of dirt on the copper a few tiny bumps, scratches and wear of time, see photos.


Very young, Claudius Linossier began to work with metal: first, in a religious goldsmith's house in Lyon, then in two Parisian workshops before working for the master copper maker Jean Dunand. Wishing to undertake alone, Linossier left Paris and returned to Lyon. He moved to the Croix Rousse, obtained the Florence Blumenthal scholarship and later, a grand prize at the International Exhibition of 1937.
The shapes invented by Linossier are simple: round vases, cups, dishes; no ornament ever breaks the purity of the curves. The decor itself is designed according to this form, highlighting the essential rhythms. Linossier never uses enamels or lacquers. His decorations are made up of inlays of metals which he patinated for a time with acid, then renouncing this too unstable process, he definitively adopted torch oxidation. The body of the pieces, in red copper or ferro-nickel with black tones, is illuminated, as the case may be, by the gray shades of silver, the pale golds of yellow copper or the dark purples of red copper.
Although he always remained in Lyon, Linossier regularly participated in the salons of the National Society of Fine Arts, the Society of Decorative Artists and the Salon d'Automne, where his wife painter Hélène Linossier exhibited at the same time as him. Linossier was part of the group "Les Artisans français contemporains" with Decoeur, Lenoble, Décorchemont, Daurat… including the Rouard gallery, continued to present the works when the cycle of exhibitions was interrupted. (Cf website Galerie Marcilhac)

** Brasswork is the technique of the brassworker . It consists of shaping sheet metals such as copper, brass, silver or even tin using various tools, mainly hammers. The different techniques necessary for the production of a part are: Tracing and cutting of a blank, the actual shaping by rolling, bending, bending, stamping and shrinking techniques, assembly by stapling, welding or brazing, and flanging, pre-leveling (with a barrel mallet), leveling (post-hammer and planing bars) and the use of a punch for the marking and shaping of the patterns in relief by the technique of repoussé and various surface treatments for the finishing and final rendering of the piece.

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  • Diamètre 40 cm