Pipe of display land Gambier knight Bayard ax sword helmet XIXth century

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Clay pipe representing the bust of the Chevalier Bayard * with his helmet, below the attributes of the knight (ax, sword ... etc), signed JB for Gambier **, vintage late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This pipe is in good condition, in its own juice.

A note: small accident and gaps in the bottom, some dirt and wear of time, see photos.

* Chevalier Bayard:

Pierre Terrail, Lord of Bayard, better known under the name of Bayard or the Chevalier Bayard, born in 1475 or 1476 at the Château Bayard, in Pontcharra (town located in the current French department of Isère), and died on April 30 1524 in Piedmont (Italy), is a noble Dauphinois who distinguished himself in particular as a knight during the wars in Italy (15th and 16th centuries). His life is narrated by one of his comrades in arms, Jacques de Mailles, in the Very joyous and very pleasant story of the kind Lord of Bayart, the good knight without fear and without reproach. His life is at the origin of the character of the knight without fear and without reproach who symbolizes the values of the French knighthood of the end of the Middle Ages.

** Gambier Workshop

Pipe-making workshop in existence since 1780, he obtained the Gold Medal at the National Exhibition in 1849. The production of pipes was important throughout the 19th century, which also saw the opening of shops selling the brand in Paris (1846) and London (1860). The war put an end to the expansion of the workshop, which closed its doors for good in the 1920s.

Data sheet

  • Height env. 10 cm
  • Width aux épaules 8 cm
  • Depth 10,5 cm