Mirror Box Wooden Inlay Mosaic Persian Khatam Kari Nineteenth Star

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Mirror in wooden box and Persian marquetry known as Khatam Kari * decorated with mosaic of stars and stylized motifs, XIXth century.

This mirror is in good condition, it is in its own juice. There must have been two mirrors: there is only one.

A note: some small accidents and wear on the marquetry, the mirror is a little past, wear time, see photos.

* The kari khatam

is a fine and meticulous work of marquetry of which the oldest examples go back to the time Safavide: the khatam was so appreciated by the court that some princes learned the technique in the same way as music, painting or calligraphy. "Khatam-kari" is therefore the "work of incrustations". This technique involves making patterns, mostly star shapes, by incrusting fine wood sticks (ebony, teak, jujube, orange, rose), brass (for golden parts), and camel bone (white parts ). Decorated objects are legion: boxes, chess or backgammon, frames, pipes, offices, or even musical instruments. Khatam can also be associated with the famous Persian miniatures, thus realizing works of art. From techniques imported from China and magnified by the Persian know-how, this craft exists for more than 700 years.

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  • Dimensions 14,5 cm x 9 cm
  • Glace 11 cm x 5,5 cm