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Fan decorated with gouaches representing on one side an elegant woman (certainly a queen) surrounded by her attendants in a bucolic and flowery landscape; on the other, characters bantering in a countryside landscape with ruins in the background, finely carved and openwork mother-of-pearl frame, decorated with gold and silver inlays, from the Directoire period at the end of the 18th century.

This fan is in good condition. It is of exceptional quality.

A note: small breakage in the mother-of-pearl frame, traces of restorations on the gouaches (restored tears), a small tear, some slight lacks in particular in gilding, wear of time, take a good look at the photos (see red arrows).


* From the beginning of the 18th century, France was the leading producer of fans in Europe. The decoration of the first French fans is borrowed from illuminated manuscripts and tapestries. From 1770, the neoclassical style influenced production: the branches were less ornate and the leaf was often decorated with medallions. Painted fans are back in fashion under the Second Empire. The subjects are often pastiches of the themes of the previous century: gallant or pastoral scenes. Old fans are sought after by collectors. (Larousse)

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  • Width ouvert 48,5 cm
  • Longueur 27,5 cm