Seal stamped handle carved solid silver monogram XIXth century

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E60 852

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Seal or stamp in solid silver finely chiseled foliage pattern, presenting a monogram, carved bone handle (ox), XIXth century.

This seal is in good condition. Boar's head hallmark.

A note: the money will have to be re-cleaned, the handle is a little dirty and yellowed, wear of time, see photos.

*Stamp :

Collector's item, the oldest examples of which date from four millennia before our era. The stamp was first used to affix the personal mark of a character to guarantee the contents of a box or an envelope, the authenticity of a document. The term seal was also used. The small personal stamp has in fact been used in Europe since the Middle Ages. It can be a ring mounted with a hard stone intaglio, or a gold bezel engraved in hollow (the signet rings are nothing else!). But more numerous are the handles fitted, formed of a hard stone engraved in intaglio: carnelian, garnet, sapphire, rock crystal, agate; some are even ancient intaglios. These small stamps are sometimes jewels that one hangs from a chain or from the chatelaine; like boxes, it is often a gift item. These seals vary in size: we find tiny ones set on pretty chiseled gold mounts, others 1.5 to 2cm in diameter mounted on a handle of gold, pomponne, chiseled silver, mother-of-pearl, hard stone, wood ...

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  • Dimensions sceau 1,8 cm x 1,6 cm
  • Longueur 9,5 cm