Portrait profile Dauphin of France Louis XVII biscuit wooden brass frame XIXth

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Biscuit profile portrait of the young Dauphin of France, future Louis XVII *, in a wooden and gilt brass frame chiseled with palmettes, from the early 19th century.

This biscuit is in good condition. It is under glass.

A note: some scratches on the frame, wear of time, see photos.

* Louis-Charles of France, or Louis XVII (1785- 1795):

is the second son of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Titled Duke of Normandy at birth, he became Dauphin of France in 1789 on the death of his older brother, then Prince Royal under the terms of the Constitution from 1791 to 1792. During the French Revolution, the royal family was imprisoned on August 10, 1792 at the Tour du Temple, then Louis XVI was executed on January 21, 1793. Louis-Charles was then recognized by the governments of the powers united against France and by his uncle, the future Louis XVIII, as the holder of the crown of France, under the name of Louis XVII. He died in captivity in 1795, at the age of ten.

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  • Cadre 9,8 cm x 10,7 cm / vue 4,7 cm x 5,7 cm