Drawing ink gouache mythological characters attr. Richard Van Orley 17th

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Drawing in gouache ink enhanced by Richard Van Orley * (1663-1732) depicting a mythological scene animated by many naked or antique characters in a luxuriant landscape, with children near a lion in the foreground, in a gilded wood frame, vintage late seventeenth-early eighteenth centuries.

This drawing is in good condition, it is in its own juice. It is not signed but can be attributed to the artist Richard Van Orley by its subject, the treatment of the characters, as well as by the technique of the drawing enhanced with gouache.

A note: folds, small holes and tears on the drawing (see red arrows), stains and yellowing on the paper, some wear on the frame, look at the photos.

* Richard II van Orley (1663-1732, Brussels):

is a painter of history, mythological scenes, landscapes, gouache painter, miniaturist and engraver of the 17th and 18th centuries. Descendant of the Luxembourg family of the lords of Ourle or Orley, he is the son and pupil of Pieter van Orley, and his mother Josine Criex. He seems to have spent a few years in Italy, he is known as a miniaturist, draftsman and engraver. The Ghent Library keeps sixteen drawings depicting scenes from Charles V's life. He executed for the Prémontrés Abbey of Tongerloo which employs it, a series of panels relating to the history of St. Norbert, including one of them, the return of Pope Innocent II to Rome, preserved in the Museum of Antwerp, as well as two small mythological subjects, the Pierides and Juno and Argus, at the Ghent Museum.

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  • Cadre 61 cm x 68,5 cm
  • Dimensions vue dessin 41 cm x 48,5 cm