Sculpture Trophy Hunting Black Forest Wood Carved Birds Duck Nineteenth

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Sculpture hunting trophy carved wood of the Black Forest (Black Forest *) representing a duck, a woodcock and a small bird, hanging among branches and foliage, XIXth century.

This sculpture is in good condition.

A note: the lower part of the support was broken then glued, small slot in the upper part, a few holes old worms (this trophy was treated), wear time, see photos (see red arrows).

* Black Forest or Black Forest

The carved wooden objects of the Black Forest are not native to Germany but were manufactured in the Brienz region, Switzerland. The tradition of woodworking is ancestral in this region, the inhabitants perpetuate the practice of carved wood on the facades of houses, furniture or everyday objects. The sculptors excel in the representation of wild animals in their natural environment. In the 19th century, these naturalist sculptures of the black forest became very fashionable and very popular.

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  • Dimensions 43,5 cm x 72 cm