Small carved wooden statuette Saint-Roch pilgrim dog eighteenth century

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Small carved and polychrome wooden statuette representing Saint-Roch *, carrying his dog under his arm and showing his wound on his left leg, symbol of the Saint fighting against the Plague, from the 17th century.

This statuette is in good condition, in its own juice.

A note: some accidents and lack of gilding and polychrome, old wormholes, wear of time, look at the photos.

* Saint Roch

(born in Montpellier, around 1340 - 1379) is the patron saint of pilgrims and many brotherhoods or corporations: surgeons, apothecaries, pavers, furriers, pelletiers, thrift stores, carders, and also the protector of animals. His cult, very popular, has spread around the world. A very young orphan, he was entrusted to his uncle. When he came of age, he distributed all his goods to the poor and went on a pilgrimage to Rome. He stopped in several Italian cities affected by the plague and worked to serve the sick in hospitals. Rome being attacked, of the same evil, he went there, and took care of the same for about three years. On his return, he stopped at Plaisance, also plagued by the epidemic. Roch ends up catching the disease himself and he retired to a forest near Piacenza so as not to infect the others. Only a dog came to feed him, bringing him daily stolen bread from his master's table. The latter, intrigued by the animal's merry-go-round, followed him into the forest and discovered the wounded saint, whom he was able to rescue. We invoke the Saint against the epidemics of plague, cholera, typhus, Spanish flu, AIDS, against silicosis of stonecutters, pavers and quarrymen and against diseases of animals (casserole) and vines (phylloxera) . We recognize the anti-plague saint Roch by his staff (the drone) which he holds in his hand. Sometimes he wears a satchel, a pilgrim's hat and cape. A dog stands by his side with an angel. He raises a section of his cape to show the wound on his leg.

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  • Height 25 cm
  • Width 11 cm
  • Depth 6,5 cm