Statue bust Saint Mary Magdalene Magdala polychrome wood XVIIIth century

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Polychrome wooden statue representing the bust of Saint Mary Magdalene also called Mary of Magdala, in contemplation with her mouth half open, probably during the crucifixion of Christ or during the episode of Noli Me Tangere ("Do not touch me") where it is the first witness to the resurrection of Christ, from a private chapel in Limousin, from the 18th century.

This bust is in good general condition, in its juice.

A note: accidents and losses on the wood and polychromy, old wormholes, dirt, cracks and wear of time, look at the photos.

* Mary Magdalene:

Marie de Magdala, Marie Madeleine or Madeleine, called Marie la Magdalene in the Gospels is a disciple of Jesus who follows him until his last days. The four Gospels designate her as the first witness of the Resurrection, who is responsible for preventing the apostles. Tradition and Christian iconography are based on these canonical and apocryphal texts to give several faces of Mary of Magdala, first the spiritual spouse of Christ and the apostle of Revelation then from the 4th century the denied sinner. and flouted but repented, the Middle Ages seizing many legends to create a saint.

Data sheet

  • Height 51 cm
  • Width 42 cm
  • Depth 21 cm