Sacred Cow polychrome wood sculpture, India, 18th

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Sacred Cow polychrome wood sculpture, India, 18th

A rare polychrome wood sculpture representing a sacred cow * Hindu, with a niche for an altar or shrine, antique eighteenth century.

Comes from a French collection.

This sculpture is in good condition, it is in its own juice.

A report: slits and a few accidents on the wood, repairs on its hind legs and on a shoe, missing tail, wear of polychromy, this cow is a bit wobbly (due to his leg bent), good looking pictures (arrows red).

* The sacred cow

Term of Western origin to name the phenomenon of animal worship and religious bestiality against cattle, particularly in India. Is the Indian term Gao Mata (Hindi), that is to say, "Mother Cow". The cow is indeed seen in India as a "Universal Mother", because it gives her milk at all, even those who are not his calves, and in India the cow is not "sacred" as such - despite being described by Hindu literature as the origin and the fruit of all sacrifice to the gods - it represents the sacredness of all creatures. The cow was and is still revered in many cultures and religions in the world, most notably Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, as well as the religions of ancient Egypt, Greece and ancient Rome.

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  • Height 22 cm
  • Longueur 47 cm